Laura Bernay


Supporting My Ambitions in This Industry

“I first met Laura upon a recommendation at the completion of my Diploma of Music Theatre course at the end of 2020. From our first interaction, Laura was incredibly professional and wise and I knew that my voice would benefit from her teaching. I came into my first lesson thinking I was an alto but boy was I wrong. Through just one year, my voice has travelled leaps and bounds, that I was never in my wildest dreams expecting. Each lesson I would come in with a new challenge or audition and Laura would always rise to the occasion, knowing exactly how to tackle it. Laura is an incredibly encouraging and beautiful person who has not only allowed my voice to grow but has nurtured my confidence and determination. I have been so busy all year auditioning and performing in musicals which has been my dream.

Laura’s plethora of knowledge and experience make her an amazing teacher, and her personability and understanding make her an even better one. Thank you so much Laura for all you have helped me with and supporting my ambitions in this industry.” 

Kate Sisley
Diploma of Music Theatre Graduate 2020

Making ATAR Recital Songs Fun

“I began my voice journey with Laura in 2020 when I began ATAR music, and from day one have loved every second that I have spent under Laura’s guidance. Laura has become a close friend of mine; her warmth, compassion, and encouragement make it easy to open up and feel safe and welcome in her studio. Laura’s expertise, professionalism, and care made the demanding work of the ATAR music curriculum, enjoyable and fun; and many lessons were spent finetuning my program for ATAR music. In the past two years, my vocal ability has improved drastically, which is a testament to Laura’s dynamic and engaging teaching methods. Laura makes sure lessons are a safe space to make mistakes and step out of one’s comfort zone, whilst always promoting a love and passion for music. Laura is an incredible vocalist, musician, and performer and I am constantly in awe of her hard work and dedication to her voice! She has allowed me to be authentically ‘me’ in lessons, always offering amazing wisdom-related and unrelated to music, which reflects her deep care for her students. 

Whilst for my ATAR music I sang in the genre of music theatre- Laura also introduced me to the world of classical art song (music set to poetry from all cultures and languages) which has greatly expanded my vocal versatility and range. I am really excited to be accepted into the Diploma of Music for Classical Voice at WAAPA and can’t wait to study this course next year!  Laura has taught me many things and has provided incredible guidance to help me develop my voice, but most importantly Laura has sparked my passion for performing and encouraged me to pursue my dreams, however wild they are! 

Thank you Laura!!”

Isabella Pether (age 17)
ATAR Music Theatre Student 2021
WAAPA Diploma of Classical Voice 2022


More Improvement Than Ever

“I moved to Perth from Hobart in 2020 to study the Diploma of Musical Theatre at WAAPA. Shortly after the move, I began the task of looking for a singing teacher to help further my training. When I contacted Laura I was instantly blown away by her professionalism, high standards, and warmth. 
Over my twelve months with Laura, I have come to see her as not only a strong technician but as somebody who I can trust and will always have my back. Laura’s knowledge spans a wide range of musical genres, languages, and vocal styles and techniques. I believe her utilisation of many techniques to achieve the best outcomes for her students is a unique and effective teaching quality. With Laura by my side, my vocals and acting through song have improved the most in twelve months than they ever have. I believe this was because I was always pushed out of my comfort zone and carefully guided to discover new ways to use my voice. 
A goal we set together at the beginning of the year was for me to gain admission into a musical theatre bachelor program for 2022. This drove many of our lessons and Laura worked tirelessly to help me find the “perfect” auditions songs and workshop them to a high standard. As a result, I received callbacks for all of my music theatre auditions and gained entry into both The Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University’s Bachelor of Music Theatre and a Bachelor of Music Theatre at Elder Conservatorium.  I have chosen to accept my offer from Griffith.”
Henry Rheinberger
Diploma of Music Theatre Graduate WAAPA 2021
Griffith University Bachelor of Music Theatre 2022-2024

Twice in a Lifetime Opportunity


“I first met Laura just after I’d left high school when I studied a Certificate II in musical theatre at WAAPA, the kindness, professionalism, and assistance she gave me in developing my skills and abilities during the course was amazing. I then worked in the hospitality industry and had a break from my vocal training for several years. Over the past year (2021) I had the time and ability to devote myself fully to studying again. Thanks to Laura’s help and support I have been able to learn a broad range of classical repertoire this year; from Italian and Spanish to French and German. This culminated in successfully applying and enrolling in a Bachelor of Music at UWA starting 2022. Laura is a genuine, caring, and supportive teacher with a good sense of humour, whose patience and compassion with me has made my time spent with her unforgettable. Wherever I go or whatever I do within the music industry, it’s nice to know that I was lucky enough to get a “Twice in a lifetime” opportunity.”

Glen Bain
Certificate II in Musical Theatre (2013)
Bachelor Of Music UWA (2022-2024)

Discovering New Territories in My Voice

Before studying with Laura I had been singing since an early age.  I was originally trained in Classical Voice and soon realised that I had a love for Musical Theatre. I knew this was the direction I wanted to go. I needed a Musical Theatre voice specialist and someone with a wide background of knowledge and experience in different styles. I found Laura.  The work we have done together has resulted in significant development of my voice and me as a performer.  We have worked on so many different things, but more importantly, getting me out of my comfort zone. Laura allowed me to discover so many new territories and areas within my voice that I had not previously drawn on.

Laura and I connected right away and her belief, care, and professionalism have been continuous.  I have just completed year 12 and my end goal was always to be accepted into WAAPA.  Through 2020 & 2021 with Laura’s teaching we have been working towards my audition for various universities.  I am so excited to have successfully auditioned and been offered a place in the Bachelor of Arts (Musical Theatre) at WAAPA for 2022. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn and grow with Laura, I feel I have a friend and mentor for life.
Harrison Ion
WAAPA Bachelor of Music Theatre 2022-2024

Inspiring Me to Pursue Singing

“I began singing with Laura five years ago in 2015. During this time, Laura has helped me to finesse and develop areas of my voice which were less refined and extend aspects of my performance which were stronger. Whilst I do not plan to audition for any singing courses at university next year, learning with Laura has imbued a love of music and inspired me to pursue my singing in the future. Laura is not only an outstanding singer, musician and teacher, but also, an inspiring woman, role model and friend. She is incredibly kind, patient and encouraging and goes above and beyond for every student. During my lessons we would work on the music for  productions that I was cast in, along with exam and performance preparation. Laura was always extremely knowledgeable and was able to support me in all of my endeavours regardless of genre or context.  I feel eminently fortunate and grateful to have learnt from Laura. I will remember what she has taught me as both a musician and person for many years to come. “

Tahlia Hanikeri
Year 12 Graduate PLC, December 2020

Helping Me Be Successful in Auditions

“I began studying with Laura in 2019 as I commenced Year 11 ATAR music, unsure of how to best position myself to achieve my dream of studying classical voice at university. 
I can now with absolute confidence say that Laura has been instrumental in achieving this dream! Laura possesses an incredible breadth of knowledge which enabled her to provide me with rich and varied choices for repertoire, and on top of this, she also provides wonderful depth in her tutelage. Her technical knowledge helped me identify my vocal and performance strengths and weaknesses, and exactly how to build my skills and experience in a constructive and nurturing environment.
 I believe Laura’s work with me has been integral in my successful auditions into the Bachelor of Music (Classical Vocal Performance) at both WAAPA and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, and I know that when I start attending Melbourne next year Laura will always be there for advice, musical expertise, some wise words, or simply a chat. Thank you so much Laura for the past two years- they have truly been magnificent!”
Oriana Morris-Johnson Age 18

Leading My Daughter Towards Her Next Milestone

“My daughter began singing lessons with Laura Bernay at age 7 and has now been learning singing for 5 years. We are now moving inter-state. Being unable to continue weekly lessons with Laura is one of the biggest regrets we have in making this decision. We will miss Laura dearly but also know that in these past 5 years she has cemented herself very firmly in our hearts and will always be an important and treasured part of our lives. 

Each week singing lessons have been an absolute joy. Laura is dynamic, humorous, caring and consistent – a weekly breath of fresh air. Lessons have given shape and musical purpose to both of our weeks, have opened our eyes to a whole new world of repertoire, language, story-telling, literature and musical style. Lessons have created a ‘safe haven’ for my daughter to explore and grow whilst simultaneously giving me the privilege of watching Laura’s influence bring out all the best qualities – musically and generally. Laura is sensitive and intuitive, she has always met my daughter where she is developmentally whilst consistently leading her toward her next milestone and helping her to strive forwards. From time to time, we each hope to be influenced by that really special teacher who cares deeply and passes on their knowledge in a meaningful way that changes lives- Laura has been that teacher for us and we will remain forever grateful.”

Georgina Adamson
Pianist and mother of Stephie
(Listen to Stephie)

Personal Teaching Style

“Laura is amazing to work with. Her teaching style is so personal! She really takes the time to get to know you and shapes her teaching around her students and their development. I worked with her while I was at WAAPA and have been accepted

into the Bachelor of Music Theatre at the Elder Conservatorium in Adelaide 2021-2023!”

Josie Stanger-Jones
WAAPA Diploma of Music Theatre Graduate 2020

Guidance for Amy Manford

“Thanks to Laura for all her guidance and capabilities throughout the years!”
Amy Manford

Amy played the role of Christine in “Phantom of the Opera” London’s West End
The Australian

2013 WAAPA Graduate
Bachelor of Music Performance Classical Voice
Royal College of Music London

Helping Me to Reach My Goals

“Pure amazing! Laura is everything I wanted in a teacher and I’m so glad we’ve been able to work together for so long. While working with Laura, I’ve explored many different styles, techniques and approaches. She opened my eyes to a larger view of music as a whole and whether it be classical, musical theatre or even jazz, she really challenges me to be my best. Laura also inspires me in my performances as she is a performer herself. She practises what she preaches! She’s so supportive and enthusiastic and she will give her all to help you reach your goals. I know she has been instrumental in helping me reach my own. Laura has given me and many other students, the skills and knowledge we need to pursue our careers into higher education and the industry. She is irreplaceable, an absolute delight and I doubt you could find a better teacher than she.”

Cameron Steens
WA Academy of Performing Arts Classical & Musical Theatre (2013-2017)


Growing in My Performance Abilities

I commenced lessons with Laura at the beginning of 2019 and immediately fell in love with the environment she created for me to further my skills.

As I undertook the Diploma of Musical Theatre at WAAPA in 2019, she helped me grow not only my voice, but my confidence in my performance and personal abilities. It felt like both a collective effort from both Laura and I to further my skills that I’d already worked on previously, and also find new things about my voice I hadn’t yet discovered. Laura is a welcoming presence which made it even more exciting to see her every week. She would help me to overcome my challenges as well as celebrate my successes throughout this year. In that one year, I feel like I’ve grown tremendously in my performance abilities, and I really thank her for all her love and support throughout my Musical Theatre journey this year.

Laura and I set the goal in our very first lesson to be successfully admitted into a Bachelor program for the beginning of the new decade. With this goal in mind, we used it as determination to further enhance my skills and have something to strive towards. Having worked on audition songs for several months, I was excited to be admitted to the WAAPA Bachelor of Music Theatre for 2020 as well as an offer for early admission to the Elder Conservatoire of Music in Adelaide to study Music Theatre as well. Never in my wildest dreams would I believe that such success could happen… but with Laura’s guidance, it was been without a doubt the best year of my life and I thank her for making me realise that it’s people like her who make me want to do what I do.

Can’t thank you enough Laura!

Lily Jones
2019 Diploma of Music Theatre Graduate (WAAPA)
Bachelor of Music Theatre (WAAPA 2020-2022)

Giving Me the Confidence to Tackle Challenging Pieces

I began training with Laura when I moved to Perth to study a Diploma of Music Theatre at WAAPA at the beginning of 2019. Throughout the year Laura gave me confidence to tackle genuinely challenging songs and to explore my voice’s range and capability. Laura nurtured and pushed me into achieving things I didn’t know were possible. I considered I was an alto before I started training with Laura-but oh how wrong I was. I was amazed to see how much I could improve in just one year. Laura’s training was undoubtedly integral into my successful music theatre Bachelor auditions. I was accepted in both courses at the VCA and also WAAPA. I have chosen to go to WAAPA again next year. Thank you so much Laura, for being a teacher and a friend.

Maddy Betts
2019 Diploma of Music Theatre Graduate WAAPA
Bachelor of Music Theatre 2020-22 WAAPA

I Never Dreamed My Voice Would Improve So Much

I never dreamed my voice could improve and grow so much in one year, but since moving to Perth and studying with Laura it has become so much stronger and more versatile. Laura teaches with such a great balance between technique and performance, while always considering the needs of the individual.

It has been fantastic working with Laura on such a broad range of repertoire, and listening to her share her knowledge across so many styles of singing.

Laura has helped me to explore different sides of my voice which were outside of my comfort zone, while always making me feel that she had absolute faith that I could achieve my goals.

I can’t thank Laura enough for her fantastic guidance and lessons, I’ve learnt more than I thought possible from her!

                                                                                                           Maggie Orr
from Melbourne, Victoria

Diploma Music Theatre WAAPA Graduate 2019

Versatile and Confident Performer

“Over the past 4 years Laura has nurtured me from a shy mannered, amateur singer into the versatile and confident performer that I am today. Laura’s musicianship, versatility and vocal ability are so inspiring and are qualities that every singer aspires to perfect. From my very first lesson we established my dream of going to WAAPA, as a concrete goal. Through hours of tedious technical work, exams and performances I was finally ready to embark on the next phase of my singing journey. At the end of 2018 I successfully auditioned for the Diploma of Musical Theatre at WAAPA and Laura was the first person I called when I got the news and as always, she had already started preparing me for it. I continued my lessons with Laura for this course as I had full confidence that there was no-one more capable of guiding me through this demanding year. At the end of 2019 I auditioned for the Bachelor of Music Classical Voice and was successful. I am looking forward to the new challenges this will bring! Thank you, Laura, for your continued guidance and support!”

                                                                                     Sian Bussanich
                                         Diploma Music Theatre Graduate
(WAAPA 2019)
Bachelor Music Classical Voice Performance (WAAPA2020-2023)


A Support Network and Friend

“In the 11 years I have known her, Laura has become an extremely significant and special person in my life. Her encouragement, kindness and wisdom provides her students with not only an outstanding teacher and mentor, but also a brilliant support network and friend. On a personal note, Laura’s belief in my ability as a singer, guidance through the trickier-teenage years and passion for singing and the arts has helped me fulfil my ability as a performer. I came to Laura when I was in year 5, after having heard around school that she was the teacher of the ever-talented Manford sisters (Amy and Chloe). As an overly confident, enthusiastic and loud 10-year-old, I believed I was already “industry ready” and in the midst of convincing my mum to let me go on “Australia’s Got Talent” where I planned to sing Lloyd-Webber’s “Macavity- The Mystery Cat.” After listening to me perform or “shout” the song for the first time, it was evident to my new teacher Laura that I would need to work on developing my head voice. Classical songs were soon introduced into my singing diet where Laura’s knowledge of art song and expertise in languages broadened my musical horizons (and yes, a head voice developed with that too). Not only did Laura help my singing and performance ability along but she also assisted me in developing and refining my music theory skills. Throughout high school, I would bring her a few pages I’d completed from a theory book and she’d mark them for me. I found this an incredibly beneficial skill to have in a singing teacher as the consistent practice and feedback really prepared me for upper-school music exams. Towards the end of high school, I was looking at auditioning for the Bachelor of Music Theatre at WAAPA. Laura would often tell me about how she heard a “mezzo quality” developing in my voice, and how I should consider auditioning for the classical course. I decided to accept my offer into Classical Voice at the end of 2017 and am forever grateful to Laura for pushing me in this direction. We continued to work together into my first two years of the Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice. Not only is my voice in the best place it’s ever been sound and health wise, but I’m in a course that really fits me as a person (something I never would’ve put together whatsoever had Laura not directed me this way). Thank you so much Laura, for being the most amazing, encouraging and wonderful teacher a student could ask for, and for being so invested in my journey over all these years. I absolutely could not have done any of this without you!”

Grace Fermanis
Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice (WAAPA 2017-2021)

Productive and Heart-Warming

“Working with Laura was a productive and heart-warming experience. Granting excellent lessons in both singing and life, she helped me set my goals and pushed me far beyond achieving them. I will be forever grateful for what Laura has taught me and I truly hope to do her proud! I am so thrilled to be accepted into the Bachelor of Music Theatre in 2015!”
Finn Alexander
Musical Theatre BA (Class of 2017)
WA Academy of Performing Arts

Dreams Really Do Come True

I started studying with Laura at the age of 15,  I was so eager and ready to learn and grow.
She took me in and refined and strengthened my voice, she showed me new areas of my voice I was never comfortable to sing in and she allowed me to discover the vast capabilities of the voice! Not only that, but Laura became a friend to me, her compassion and love for her students truly comes through in her teaching, I was so thankful to have her year after year, and to be able to stretch myself to new levels, knowing that I was in a safe and fun environment.

Throughout year 12 in 2017 we prepared for my first WAAPA audition, her vast knowledge allowed us to prepare with great strength, and at the end of that year I successfully auditioned and was accepted into the fantastic New Diploma of Musical Theatre course! 
Throughout 2018 Laura and I worked together for my most successful year yet. I auditioned again at the end of the year for the Bachelor of Music Theatre course. To my great joy I was accepted!!! Laura and I talked that evening with such excitement and joy, it was wonderful to have someone so invested in my journey, and someone that I know truly helped me get there! Thanks to Laura I can say that “dreams really do come true”! 
Thanks so much Laura, you’re the best!
Amber Scates
WAAPA Diploma Music Theatre Graduate 2018
WAAPA Bachelor Music Theatre 2019-2021

Helping Me in Every Way

Laura has been the most honest, exciting and amazing friend/teacher, helping me in every way with my voice and finding my true potential. Being able to learn from someone who has such a wide range of knowledge through jazz, classical and musical theatre is my idea of a perfect teacher and that’s what she has been. Words do not describe my huge appreciation and respect for Laura. Without her guidance, I genuinely don’t believe I would be going to Melbourne to study musical theatre at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts.

Jake Gardner (age 23)
2015 WAAPA Music Theatre Certificate graduate

Most Rewarding and Beneficial Tuition

I have been studying with Laura for 5 years, and can honestly say it has been the most rewarding and beneficial tuition I could possibly have wished for. Not only did she help me develop a sound technique, Laura encouraged me to explore all aspects of performance, shaping me into the artist I am today. Her knowledge of voice across all genres and styles is just remarkable and it has been truly invaluable learning from someone with such extensive mastery and experience within the music industry. 

At the end of Year 12 in 2017 I auditioned for music theatre at WAAPA and was accepted into the wonderful new Diploma of Music Theatre course and I graduated at the end of 2018. I continued with Laura for this course and my dream was to audition successfully for the Bachelor of Music Theatre Course at WAAPA.

I am thrilled that I have been accepted into the Bachelor of Music Theatre at WAAPA, which I know wouldn’t have been possible without Laura’s constant support and guidance.

Thank you for everything Laura!

Zoe Crisp
2018 Diploma Music Theatre Graduate (WAAPA)
2019-2021 Bachelor Music Theatre (WAAPA)

Growing Up Under Laura’s Tutelage

“Laura is amazing.  There is no better way of describing the wonderful vocal teacher I had since I was six years old until last year!  In those past 16 years, I have gone from being an untrained little girl with a big set of lungs to being accepted for a place in the UWA Conservatorium of Music this year.  I cannot thank Laura enough for the wonderful years of skilled and patient training, the extensive knowledge imparted, the passion for music and all things pertaining to the voice that she has shared with me!  Of all the things I have in the world, of all the things that give me pleasure and joy, of all the things I value the most, my voice is to me the most precious.  Thank you, Laura, for giving me this happiness.”

Claire Lane
(UWA Conservatorium of Music 2018-2021)


I Have Learnt So Much

“Thank you so much Laura for my singing lessons this year! I’ve loved every second of them and have learnt so much. You have been so supportive and have really inspired me this year so Thank you!”

Courteney Cooper (WAAPA Cert IV Graduate Music Theatre 2017)
2018-2020 Bachelor of Performing Arts (WAAPA)

Most Fruitful Year of Tuition

“My time with Laura in 2017 was one of the most fruitful years of tuition I could have hoped for. The rapport between me and Laura was instant and I was able to trust her judgement and guidance wholeheartedly. I felt her interest in me as a singer was to help me become the best performer I could be and to encourage me to develop artistically in the direction where my interests and abilities were leading me. Laura’s knowledge, experience and her own skill as a musician across genres were especially inspiring. I wanted to explore myself musically and see what I was capable of and that is exactly what we did!

Laura’s technical approach to singing and musicianship was exactly what I needed to help me grow through my year in Diploma Music Industry – Classical Voice at WAAPA. My vocal training and musical education had been put on hold for two years while I trained in Classical Ballet in London, I knew I was behind my peers musically and I needed to catch up … and catch up we did!

In November/December 2017 I toured Australia to audition for University/Conservatorium Courses in Classical Voice and Musical Theatre. I was keen to see where I fit among the best Australia has to offer. To my great delight, I was successful in no less than 8 University/Conservatorium courses in Performance – Classical Voice, and also a private college diploma course in Musical Theatre. I couldn’t have done this without Laura’s support and guidance especially at the times when I doubted myself. I have decided in 2018 to take up a place in Bachelor of Music (Music Performance) at the Melbourne Conservatorium.  Laura – my mentor, teacher and friend, thank you for all you have done for me this past year, I really wish I could take you with me!”

Helen Steicke

Helping Me to Develop a Unique Musical Identity

“Learning of the singing gesture with Laura was uncommonly satisfying. In my initial lesson, erroneous vocal behaviour was identified, to be gradually remedied by sapient instruction. Laura encouraged me to develop a unique musical identity. Happy was each lesson, with our friendship growing akin to the voice.”

Keaton Staszewski-Hose (age 20) WAAPA Classical Voice (2017-2020)

My Voice Is the Best It’s Ever Been

grace-arangio-audition-photo_2-2016“I studied singing with Laura for two years in 2016&2017, and I can say with absolute certainty that I made more progress in that time than I had during the last seven years I’d been singing. My voice is in the best place it’s ever been – I feel so different when I sing now as opposed to when I started with her. Laura has taught me so many things about singing that I had no idea about before. She knows absolutely everything about the voice! Laura is such a positive and encouraging teacher. She puts so much time and effort into me as a student. I can’t recommend her highly enough! After just one year of training with Laura, I got offered places into three different courses at both WAAPA and the VCA for 2017 and 2018.  I believe I owe a huge part of my successes to you, Laura – I simply could not have done it without you!”

Grace Arangio (age 20)

‘AHA Moments’

“Benn and I enjoyed and greatly appreciated our lessons with Laura. As we are both just beginning to explore our voice, learning from a teacher that is able to not only relay valuable information about the voice, singing and music but who also listens with no judgment truly made the experience valuable. We both walked away with ‘AHA’ moments that literally improved our singing and song choices for auditions almost immediately. We are not from Perth, but will definitely recommend Laura to those working or travelling to Perth that are looking for a knowledgeable and open-hearted approach to voice lessons that yield great results not only vocally, but in confidence! Thank you Laura!”

Anica C. Scott-Garrell (dancer) Benn Welford (actor)
The Lion King (Australian Production 2015/16)

Why I Fell in Love With Singing

“I thank my amazing singing teacher Laura. You are one of the reasons I fell in love with singing and I can’t thank you enough for that. I realise I was with you since 2006! Your guidance and talent throughout these years have been truly appreciated.”

Chloe Manford
2015 WAAPA Graduate Bachelor of Music Classical Voice

Nurturing My Early Love of Singing

“Thank you to Laura who nurtured my early love for singing and was my first singing teacher and then gave me guidance again as my singing teacher at WAAPA in my later years of the course before graduating”.

Bonnie de la Hunty
2013 WAAPA Graduate
Bachelor of Music Performance Classical Voice
and the Royal Academy London

Inspiring Me To Achieve

“I have worked with Laura for over 5 years and it has been amazing learning from someone with such an amazing skill set and experience in the music industry. She has been such a positive influence on my music and inspires me to strive for achievement and improvement in all my musical endeavours. I am so thrilled to have been accepted into WAAPA for 2016 and I know I wouldn’t have this opportunity without her guidance and support.”

Mira Sertorio, Peppermint Grove
WAAPA Bachelor Contemporary Music 2016-2019

Improvement in My Vocal Technique

“Before I started lessons with Laura I had a number of singing tutors. When I met Laura, concepts previously explained that I never quite understood seemed to just fall into place. I have noticed a massive improvement in my vocal technique, especially in establishing my classical “soprano” register.
Laura makes every class fun and relaxing but also keeps it very professional- something that I was looking for in a singing tutor.

I now not only think of Laura as a great singing coach but also as a great friend.
I can’t thank her enough for all she has taught me this year! ”

Jess Farrell (Sydney)
Graduate Certificate IV Music Theatre WAAPA 2015

Challenging Me to Do Better

“When I first came to Laura in August 2010 I knew I wanted to sing but I didn’t think I could. Now, a year later, I have improved and achieved more than I could have imagined.

After just four months of singing with Laura I auditioned for WAAPA, although I was not offered a position, I did receive a call back which was more than I expected at the time. I’ve also begun work for the AMEB Grade 5 exam which I will perform this year. I went to New Yorkin 2011 to attend the Open Jar: Broadway Actor’s Intensive Summer Course, which I successfully auditioned for earlier this year. None of this would have been possible without Laura’s help.

Being a multi-talented musician and performer herself, Laura’s knowledge of language and music is invaluable. I look forward to every lesson with Laura because I can’t wait to see what areas need work or what I’ll be working on next. Laura’s passion and enthusiasm when she teaches is infectious and her technical coaching is that of a perfectionist. I can’t learn enough in one lesson!

Laura always challenges me to do better and I know when she hands me new sheet music, which looks more difficult than the last, that with a bit of determination and hard work, I can do it.

From the beginning, Laura has believed in me, and I can’t thank her enough for giving me my own confidence in my abilities and a love of singing that will be with me forever.
At last I got into WAAPA in 2012&2013 and now my fourth year of Bachelor of Music in 2017! I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.”
Ema Gosnell
4th Year Bachelor of Music Performance WAAPA 2017 Voice

A Career in Singing

“I’m Gemma and I am a Western Australian girl through & through, originally from a tiny town called Mukinbudin. I was a boarder at St Hildas, involved in school shows as well as Midnite Youth Theatre Company, additionally learning singing with Laura Bernay while still working with Dr Logie and with their help I got into WAAPA’s one year course and had a ball doing that! Laura is a truly wonderful teacher, many teach but few do it so well and with such love in their heart. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat, compassion mixed with organisation, discipline, fun and a vast knowledge of singing and the voice make her teaching of the highest calibre. Laura has been a support and an inspiration through out my tuition with her and beyond, even now several years later she is still an encouraging word and support from across the continent!

Gemma Maddock

Instilling Confidence

“My 19 yr old son, Ben, (2016 successful candidate for WAAPA Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice) attended singing lessons with Laura Bernay for 6 years.

After attending Gondwana National Choral School in 2010, Ben was keen for formal voice training. He was initially nervous but Laura was easily able to engage him in the lessons, putting him at ease and instilling him with confidence in his singing ability.

Together they have improved his breathing technique and voice production while exploring a range of repertoire. Ben has learned to love styles of music that he would never previously have considered. Laura has helped him work with and enjoy his changing voice and taught him to use computer tools to alter accompaniments to suit his changing pitch.

Laura has provided Ben with opportunities to challenge himself musically, including performances at a master class and in Eisteddfods. She encouraged him to observe her older students, giving him a sense of direction and future possibilities. With Laura’s mentoring Ben became more focused on his desire to pursue his musical interests and his confidence has increased in all areas of life.

Most importantly, Ben loved his singing lessons. He enjoyed Laura’s company and with her, he strived for his best. Given a choice he would have given up all his extracurricular activities before he’d stop his singing lessons.”

Genevieve (mother of Ben)
Ben Jobson WAAPA Classical Voice 2015-2016
Contemporary Voice 2017

Willing to Push Boundaries

“Laura is a teacher willing to push boundaries in music. She encouraged me to make every song I sing my own and authentic. We did a lot of improvisation in class and focused on not only the vast range of songs performed but how they are performed utilising performance skills such as appropriate body language and microphone technique. Not only were lessons musically beneficial but they were also a lot of fun as Laura is bubbly and very fun to jam and swap ideas with. It is her passion and open-mindedness with music as well as her entertaining personality that made lessons with her very rewarding! In 2012 I got into WAAPA Contemporary Music course!”


Singing is fun!

“My name is Jasmine and I am 10 years old. I have been learning singing with Laura for about 3 years. I enjoy my lessons with her because they are full of fun! Not only do I learn how to sing, but also how to present myself gracefully. I learn how to produce the sound, how to carry the vowels, how to breathe, how to coordinate all the different muscles, how to sight-read music as well as how to smile with my eyes while keeping my mouth nice and round for singing! It sounds a lot doesn’t it? But don’t worry, Laura will make it as easy as playing a game. Another reason I love going to my singing lesson is that I love her voice! I hope that one day I will be able to sing like her!”


Love for a Beautiful Art Form

“My name is Magda, and I have been singing since the age of 9. My love for this beautiful art form blossomed and at the conclusion of 2009 I decided to study WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education) Music. As my instrument I chose voice. I took lessons with Laura from the end of 2009. She nurtured my voice and her thorough knowledge of the curriculum council requirements in Years 11&12 was a strong factor. Laura prepared me exquisitely for all my vocal examinations. As a result I received top marks in performance. Laura’s skills in languages-French, Italian, German, Spanish, Finnish, and Latin etc, her passion and hard work as well as the friendship we have formed have encouraged me to pursue a career in this beautiful art form. In 2012 I successfully auditioned for WAAPA Classical Voice and graduated in 2016.”

Magda Lisek

Love for Singing 

“I had singing tuition with Laura Bernay from the beginning of 2009. During this time, Laura encouraged and nurtured my love for singing. My vocal abilityimproved substantially and, together, we fostered a friendship. Laura’s professional approach to her craft is a testimony to the high level of skill she displays. Laura prepared me for auditions for WAAPA, VCA and Monash University and various amateur theatre companies. I have always felt aptly prepared and confident for these auditions. The level of trust I had in Laura was one of the most important elements of our student-teacher relationship!”

Lucy Anderson

Successful Audition

“I began voice tuition with Laura at the beginning of 2009. Towards the second half of the year, my focus was on preparing for my WAAPA auditions. I’d always wanted to study Musical Theatre, however Laura also encouraged me to audition for Classical Voice. I had never performed classical repertoire before my audition. In just a few short months, Laura provided me with an extensive list of repertoire, voice recordings of the pronunciation, information on the context of the pieces as well as the translations. Laura always strived to help me be prepared and confident for all of my auditions. She taught me to believe in myself and what I was doing.
Laura has been more than just a singing teacher, she has been a mentor and a friend. Her knowledge of singing and the industry has helped me to grow as a performer and I always trust that her advice is given with my best interests at heart. I can honestly say that I would not have been accepted into the Classical and Musical Theatre certificates at WAAPA without her guidance and support. I graduated in 2013 the Bachelor programme at WAAPA.”

Catherine Rosman (2013 Graduate WAAPA)

More than Just Singing

“My daughter Jade benefited in so many ways from learning singing from Laura. She has grown in confidence by performing and learning the many disciplines in learning this art form. After 9 years of tuition Jade has an extensive repertoire, including classical, folk, musical theatre and art songs in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Finnish. Its been more than just singing, Jade has benefited from a broad exposure to many cultures and people, and has enjoyed the social and fun aspects of learning in the Bernay Studio.”

Diana Jonas-Dwyer, Booragoon

Love of Teaching

“Laura’s love of teaching, patience, planning, extensive repertoire and
perfectionism has seen my three girls develop a real love of singing. They enjoy a wide repertoire of songs ranging from English and foreign language songs through to the much loved musical theatre.
Through Laura one of my girls successfully auditioned for a place in the children’s Chorus of La Boheme and Carmen with the West Australian Opera Company. Laura has a fabulous voice and an infectious love for all things vocal. She is a perfectionist who will not settle for anything second class. It has been our privilege to have Laura enrich our lives.”

Melissa Narbey, Nedlands

Growing in Confidence

“For the last 8 years I have watched my child grow with vocal tuition with Laura. She has learnt so much, made new friends and grown in confidence. For me, the highlight is watching the concerts where all the voice students sing as a group, accompanied by many instrumental students.”

Bruce & Cathy Sinclair, Floreat

Sharing Singing Together

“Voice training with Laura has been a delight for my youngest daughter (8 years old) and me. It has been a wonderful opportunity to share singing together, and to enjoy watching her develop a skill which I know gives her such pleasure. She is always eager to go to her lessons, and is willing to practise her latest song. I am surprised that she is so keen to sing her solo each week and is uninhibited and confident doing so – a great life skill to develop. Her teacher is sensitive to the strengths of each child and is encouraging, positive and has the children under her spell as she manages to makes the lessons an enjoyable challenge.”

Jenny and Amelia

Fulfilling for My Daughter

What a pleasure it is to express how fulfilling and satisfying my daughter has found her music tuition with Laura Bernay. She has been learning voice with Laura for four years and flute for two years. I can honestly say that these lessons are one of the most enjoyable parts of both or our days each week. Laura shows an obvious delight in her teaching and her approach with children is admirable to watch. She is passionate about her work and very articulate with her attention to detail, showing compassion, flexibility and a wonderful sense of humour.

My daughter has blossomed over these years and her musicality has improved tremendously with the challenges, encouragement and guidance Laura gives her, not just in her voice and instrument, but also in performing, languages and actually understanding the music she is learning. Laura extends her in all facets of music and it is clear that she is an expert in her field and a worldly individual with great knowledge of the Arts. Laura’s superb competency is second to none and I am fully aware that we are privileged to have found her.

I recall once saying to my daughter I wish I could give to you now – all the knowledge I have acquired over my lifetime. Laura achieves this lesson by lesson, with the wealth of musical knowledge and abundance of performance professionalism she transpires. I know she is the best of the best and there is no better custodian in whom to entrust my daughter’s musical future.
Denise Worthington

I Keep Getting Better and Better

“What a blessing Laura is to her students! Not only do I leave every lesson with a smile on my face, but Laura has such a fantastic understanding of the voice that she has equipped me with the specific tools I need to keep getting better and better. Laura provides valuable and inspiring content, constant support to work hard and lots of laughter. I never would have been offered a place in the Certificate IV Music Theatre course without her guidance. Under the wing of this songbird, the only way is up!”

Sarah Peisley
CERT IV Music Theatre WAAPA 2015

Neighbour’s New Star (2016) Yassmin Kassim

“My singing lessons with Laura Bernay started when I was twelve. At this age I knew I loved to sing but only had the confidence to allow my Mum to hear me with her eyes closed.

Throughout my five year journey with Laura she introduced me to all dimensions of music, from classical to musical theatre, from jazz to sacred song. Always encouraging me to perform, I am now a confident and ambitious performer.
With her gentle yet firm nature, contagious passion for the arts and genuine belief in me, I became the singer for both jazz bands at my school, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. I won various competitions such as Star Search and the Fremantle Eisteddfods and placed over the years in North Perth Eisteddfods. After the few years of exposing me to all kinds of music I decided to do Classical voice as my major for my year 12 music. With Laura’s help not only did I receive excellent school marks for performance but also great comments from my educators.

I was always commended on my pronunciation and understanding of foreign languages, both which were courtesy of the multilingual Laura who would always make sure my voice, wording and understanding of my pieces were perfect before any performance.
Even though I have not chosen to study music at university I will continue to take lessons with the wonderful Laura Bernay, not only because I have been told on many occasions one could not find a better singing teacher in Perth and not because she has given me every opportunity she possibly could in getting me where I wanted to be. It is quite simply because she passed onto me the thrill of learning knew things and the rewards of practice.
The excitement of reaching that note you could never reach and that little trick she could always do with her voice and you couldn’t and mostly the belief that whatever she said I could do, I knew I could do it with perserverance, endurance and hard work. Laura Bernay is not just an amazing musician herself and not just a charismatic person and gifted teacher but she has also become a very important part of my life.

With her mountains of knowledge, clever wit and patience Laura Bernay truly can pass on the gift for a love of singing. I know because she did it for me and I can’t thank her enough.”

Yasmin Age 25
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