Laura Bernay


“Laura Bernay is one of those jazz singers who respects their audiences. She knows that apart from being loyal to the beautiful jazz idiom she performs with her éclectique repertoire she is expected to entertain people as well. This she does to the max and superbly! As a result she fills the venues in which she performs with her quartet.”

Victor Zappner, Devonport Jazz Festival Musical Director

“Laura is certainly a versatile vocalist-equally at home with jazz as well as standards, cabaret and other genres. She has that great quality of reacting so effortlessly with her audience and in doing so, bringing us the audience almost on stage with her…..”
Murray Lavelle, Devonport Jazz Festival


RTEmagicC_Laura_Bernay_CD_Cover_10.jpg“Perth vocalist Laura Bernay grew up in a musical family in the U.S.A. She has covered many facets of music, studied classical flute and has a strong French connection in her family heritage plus a French husband to whom this album is dedicated. The CD covers a wide range of styles and compositions in the twelve tracks, tipping her hat to composers such as Benny Golson, Bill Evans, Johnny Mandel, Clifford Brown, Michel Legrand, Cole Porter, Romberg and Poulenc with two from Joni Mitchell. Several of the songs are sung in French. She has a quality voice, a wide vocal range, navigates tricky arrangements with finesse and is particularly adept at vocalise/scatting”.

Jazz Scene Australia January 2013

“Congratulations on your CD! The nice thing about this CD is that it takes a few plays to really start appreciating all the work that went into it, in other words even after playing it more than 5 times I hear something new the next time.
Paul Millard is great on Night and Day, and Mike Nelson is always good, Murray Wilkins and Peter Evans, world class!”
Peter Wakeford-presenter of “Jazz Swing and other Good Things” Capital Radio Perth for 10 years.

“It’s fantastic!”
 Paul McIntyre, ABC Radio Hobart

“After the first listen I was enthralled. Subsequent listening made me appreciate why you chose those songs and how vital it was for you to be content with your arranger. You guys are a great team and the musicianship is second to none. Your voice is better than ever–what a range! Thank you again for providing me with such great pleasure–you are so gifted.” Bruce Lizotte U.S.A.